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Antique Fire Hose Reel

This antique cast iron fire reel and hose is perfect for that special someone you know. It is made of heavy cast iron and is covered with aftermarketing improvements. It is also reliable and affordable.

Antique Fire Hose Reel Target

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Top 10 Antique Fire Hose Reel

This early antique fire hose reel is a great way to add another fire to your home and/or workshop. This reel is made of durable metal and has a dark brown color. It is about 9 12 x 38 cm and would be a great addition to any home or workshop. this vintage antique fire hose reel is a great add-on to your antique fire set. It is a large wall mount and has avintage antique metal fire hose reel red size. It is made of sterling silver and is about 16 inch long. It is currently on a wall in your house and is currently in great condition. this early 1900s antique wirt knox fire hose reel wk co embossed red industrial fire hose reel has been in great condition and is still with the original red industrial fabric covering. The reel has all the numbers and inscription from the wirt company. This reel is extremely versatile for using modern fire hoses. the antique fire hose reel is a perfect addition to the firetrucks and your.