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Liberty Garden 4-wheel Hose Reel Cart

This 4-wheel hose reel cart is perfect for your 200 hose reel system. It is lightweight steel and can be easily moved around your garden with ease. With its 200 hose reel system, this cart makes 'the garden' easy and convenient.

Liberty Hose Reel Cart

The liberty hose reel cart is a great way to organize and store your hose. It’s made to moving hose easily and efficiently. Plus, it has a backhoe fork for easy access to hose.

4-wheel Hose Reel Cart

The 4-wheel hose reel cart is a great way to keep your hose andre films close at hand. The cart also includes a built-in hose reel and a built-in water leveler. This cart is perfect for using hose from a home garden or from a™: water bottle, faucet, shower, or other single use plumbing objects. the liberty garden 4-wheel hose reel cart is a great way to keep your water assets in top condition. The cart comes with a 200 hose reel, so you can keep your garden in condition all season long. The hose reel is also perfect for using on hardwood floors and other types of decks. this reel is perfect for holding 2-3 gallons of water. It is made of heavy-gauge plastic and has a comfortable handle. It's a must-have for any garden! the liberty garden 4-wheel hose reel cart is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a mobile storage solution for their garden. It's 200 pounds capacity allows you to move your hose reel around your garden without having to rely on other means of storage. The cart also features a top speed of 10 miles per hour which makes it perfect for carrying your hose reel around in your garden.