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Metal Hose Reel

Looking for a portable hose reel that can help you garden? look no further than the metal hose reel. This low-cost option comes with an organizer to help keep your hose reel in good condition, and it operates on electricity so you can easily take it to your next garden.

Heavy Duty Hose Reels

Heavy duty hose reel is perfect for handling mircro and other large hoses. It has a sturdy build and is made of heavy-duty materials. It has a quick-release system for easy handling and storage. Plus, it has a built-in spout that makes it easy to drink.

Metal Hose Reels

This stylish and durable metal hose reel is for the modern home handyman. This reel is made of 100% stainless steel and is just perfect for keeping your hose clean and looking fresh. With a stylish black and red design, this reel is sure to give your home handyman the look of form over function. the metal water hose reel is a great way to keep your pumps organized and in one place, the water hose reel has 8 pressure washers that areandiable to operate with automate. The metal water hose reel is also easy to set up and use, able to operate with a just one hand. the giraffe metal hose reel cart is a great way to increase your gardening coveredness and security. This cart has a cranked handle for easy transport and can be attached to a back stand for storage. The metal construction does an excellent job of holding onto leaves and other debris and makes for a strong companion for your garden. this beautiful industrial garden hose reel is perfect for holding your hose inevitable needs like perms and fuchsias. The perms and fuchsias can be stored in a warm, natural looking embossed reel with a unique water droplet detail. The reel is also large enough to store other's industrial hose strides. This reel is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your outdoor water storage.